Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons)

Tin Sin Chiam, 20, Malaysian

I stayed in Selangor.

I studied in Hin Hua High School

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland, my favourite moments are
Receiving my very first basketball sports award in my life, being the chairperson of the International Society, making a lot of new friends from all over the world, taking part in many sports and many more. However, the utmost importance is that I’ve learned how to manage my time in order to strike a good balance between my studies and hobbies.
I feel great being a college student because
The college life is always full of joy and challenges. Joining college activities gives me the chance to meet people who share similar interests with me.

I know I have chosen the right course because
Even though I find accounting is challenging but I remain my passion as I have the confidence to do well in the figures.

My institute is awesome the way it is because
It provides business students a perfect platform for business studies in both lectures and practical lessons. I view the mixture of both as flawless as it helps us to apply the knowledge easier in real life. It increases our competitiveness.

Why did I choose Business Studies in the first place?
I realized that I love to come out with ideas on earning money. We usually understand the basics of business activities such as buying goods from stores, paying government tax and etc. but what are the tactics and strategies involved in good business? It seems intriguing to me. Hence, I chose this course, wanting to dig deeper about business.

My course
I am in the second year. I chose accounting as my elective this year so I will be focusing more on accounting and financial. It can be demanding at times but I really appreciate that all my lecturers are more than competent. They deliver in a way that the lectures become livelier.

The moment I enjoyed most was
Playing basketball after a busy day in college. Study is always nice but sometimes can be stressful as well. Playing basketball is one of the best ways to get rid of my stress. I always feel so alive and kicking after a good sweat.
Exploring the famous Ring of Kerry with stunning scenes of nature. Every corner you turn is picture ready!

The roadblocks
Unfortunately our government does not provide us any financial support on our education abroad. Thus, my parents bear my burden, supporting my tuition fees. I constantly wanted to get a part-time job but it’s not easy to get one.

I was active in
Both sports and societies. For instance, I go for swimming, badminton and basketball.
Travelling to Cork before summer ends.

My hope
To add more colours to my college life! I want to get more experiences by taking part in colleges’ events and meeting new people from different countries. All these are going to be wonderful memories for me when my college life comes to an end.

What I want to say is
Being positive and independent. There are always many challenges occur in our lives and no one in this world can avoid it. Just treat it as normal and it would be easier for you. Being independent is to be responsible for your life. Always take a good care of yourself in terms of managing your time and adopting a healthy lifestyle.



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