Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (HONS)

Jocelyne Livia Kusuma, 18, Indonesia



I stayed in  BSD, Tangerang, Indonesia

 I studied in Santa Laurensia Senior High School, Tangerang, Indonesia

My favorite pastimes/things I have done are dancing and science conference in Israel. I used to dance when I was in senior high school because I had a choreography dance group. On the other hand, I went to Israel to attend science conference. Moreover, I had tour to Old City of Jerusalem and some places in Tel Aviv. I was making many networks with people from around the world and I met Nobel Laureates personally.


Prepare for our Dingle trip!

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland, my life has been changed. I love walking, get used to weather, and always eat healthy foods.

 I feel great being a college student because I got an opportunity to study the course I like. Moreover, it is challenging to face new problems in college such as assessment and socialization.

I know I have chosen the right course because I know my passion and my hobby in science. I chose this course because of my willingness.

My institute is awesome the way it is because of the advance facilities in the lab, lecturers are friendly and really helpful, and the many societies and clubs available.

Why did I choose my course in the first place?  Actually I didn’t choose pharmaceutical science course at first place because I signed up for food science. Unfortunately it was closed because the number of students didn’t meet the requirements. I love studying chemistry and biology so I decided to choose pharmaceutical science afterwards. I say pharmaceutical science and food science have the same lessons more or less. Furthermore, I can say that it’s a good choice to choose pharmaceutical science because it has good prospect in career. I am planning to study bio-pharmaceutical science in following years.



My course: There are 6 modules in 1st semester of year 1, which are biology, chemistry, computer application, environmental science, and mathematics, and overview of science industry. Overall, I am learning the basic of each module as foundation before entering the 2nd year.

The moment I enjoy most is doing practical 3 x (biology, chemistry, and environmental science because we can either collaborate (work in pair) or individual. I have several places to go for field trips (overview of science industry). It’s truly amazing because we have the privilege of entering selected companies in Ireland.

The roadblocks are the time when the lecturer doesn’t understand what I am saying. Besides, the recent bad weather.

I was active in kickboxing and aerobics.


My hope is that everything goes well and I can give my best to pass this course. I hope I can achieve good marks. Best luck for my future.

What I want to say is Ireland is a nice place to study especially IT Tralee. It is a small city but it has great ambiance for study. Moreover, if you get used to speak English in Irish accent, you will have no problem understanding people speaking English with different accents. The lecturers are nice because they are open-minded and friendly. They help you when you get stuck during practicals.


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