Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Wildlife Biology, Second Year

Daniel Danny, 21, Malaysian


I stayed in Sibu, Sarawak and studied in SMK Sacred Heart Sibu, Sarawak. Later, I enrolled in Help University Kuala Lumpur (American Degree Program).

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland…
My favourite pastime is cooking.

I feel great being a grad student because I get to visit a lot of places for field trips, and get to know many new friends.

I know I have chosen the right course because this is what I wanted to study since I was a little kid

My institute is awesome the way it is because it provides fun courses with good modules.

Why did I choose Wildlife Biology in the first place?
Because it takes me one step closer to my dream of becoming a marine biologist. I love being in the nature and close to wildlife. Wonderful field trips let me explore and study right at the spot at the mountains, forests and beaches. Getting a deeper knowledge about a spectrum of different animal and plant species, by taking samples from the wild and studying them in the laboratory is fantastic!

Field trip
The moment I enjoy most is standing tall on top of the mountain.

The roadblocks are cold and depressing Irish weather.
I’m active in basketball.



My hope is to finish my (Hon) degree in Wildlife Biology

What I want to say is never give up on what you are fighting for. There is always a solution for every problem faced.





3 thoughts on “Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Wildlife Biology, Second Year

  1. Hello.
    I am thinking of taking this course starting this September. I love Wildlife and everything about it. I have some hesitations though because IT Tralee doesn’t seem to be a ‘recognised’ institution therefore is a bit of a risk studying your Bachelor’s Degree there, no matter how much you love something.
    Do you think the Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Biology from IT Tralee will have some potential for a Master’s Degree maybe in another country such as Norway or Canada?
    I would like to hear your opinion since your are already ‘inside’.
    Thank you!!


    1. Hi Leonardos,

      IT Tralee is a fully recognised Irish Government funded Higher Education Institute accredited to award over 100 Bachelor and Masters Degrees – you can rest assured that there is no issue in that regard. See the EU commission/UNESCO website- for a list of the Recognised Irish higher education institutions – IT Tralee is listed of course.

      Indeed,IT Tralee has many students from Canada (Ontario in particular) that transfer to IT Tralee from Canadian Colleges to complete their Bachelor degrees and it has over 10 partner Colleges in Canada as well as some Norwegian partners too.

      IT Tralee has almost 450 international students from all over the globe.

      Wildlife Biology is one of the most exciting areas we offer in Tralee – lots of practical experience and field trips to equip the graduate to have a great future career.


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