Erasmus Exchange Student

Nicol Nägele, 22, Switzerland


I stay in Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Then I moved to Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland for an exchange semester in the fall term 2014/15.

I studied in FHS St.Gallen University of Applied Science, Switzerland. And there I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Major International Management.

Courses I took in IT Tralee were Strategic Human Resources, Organisational Behaviour, Destination Geography, Contemporary Issues in Tourism, Irish Studies and Organisational Behaviour.

Ever since I’d arrived in Ireland… I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the Irish and the breath taking nature.


 My favourite pastimes

When I travelled through Ireland and had the chance of meeting the Irish and having some good chats. But what impressed me the most was the nature and the good weather I luckily could enjoy. I can’t say which location was the best, because every single spot I visited had its own magical point that casted a spell over me. On the other side I really enjoyed that I was accepted and welcomed by the Irish students at the ITT.

 I felt great being a college student because I had the chance to meet so many people from other courses or from all around the world, and it is the time for us to establish lasting friendships.


My institute is awesome the way it is because as an international student I was warmly welcomed.

Why did I choose Ireland in the first place?

I wanted to improve my English. Furthermore, my favourite author, Cecelia Ahern is Irish and all her novels take place in Ireland. I always wanted to visit the sites she described in her books. In addition, as a hobby photographer Ireland gave me the perfect settings with its wild and untouched nature.


The moment I enjoyed most was when I had the possibility to meet not only locals, but also students from around the world. It gave me the feeling of living in a big family. Therefore, I always felt at home in Ireland.

The roadblocks

My biggest challenge was to get used to another school system and to understand how the grading system worked. It was kind of difficult because it is pretty different from that in Switzerland. Another thing was that I had to get used to the pace of speaking of the Irish. It is pretty fast, especially for a non-native English speaker.

My hope is that if one day when I revisit Ireland, that it would keep its fascinating nature and its impressive history. I also hope that the Irish will keep their friendliness as I got to know it.


What I want to say is

Although most people say that the weather in Ireland isn’t that good, it’s those unpredictable weather conditions that make Ireland a charming and magical place. And don’t be too much worried when you can’t understand the Irish accent in the first place, you will get used to it. It is always a challenge to live in a foreign country, but it’s worth the experience and Ireland is the best place to start with.



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