Foundation in Medicine

Muzna, 19, Oman


I stayed in middle of Oman.

studied language in IT Dublin last year.

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland…

My favourite pastime is traveling around Ireland.

I feel great being a college student because it is nice to be independent.

I know I have chosen the right course because I do love medicine.

My institute is awesome the way it is because it prepares us to be an independent learner.


Celebrating 45th Oman National Day on International Day of IT Tralee, what a sweet coincidence!

Why did I choose IT Tralee in the first place?
I heard that this institute is good and will prepare us well to be doctors and it is located in a place far away from the city.

My course is about general chemistry, physics and biology to prepare us for the medicine course ahead.

The moment I enjoy most is when I see myself being independent and can do my best to be a future doctor.

The roadblocks are being extremely busy and fully occupied schedule.I am learning to better manage my time and have a more balanced life.

What I want to say is Ireland is a great country to live in and study , I really encourage to study here in Tralee as you will find less distractions.


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