Halloween Party is On!!!


Wait, what? #Ted is ruling the party!


Now the purpose of the party is to have #Fun and to have fun, #Food must not be an absentee. And here we catch someone stealing the #yummilicious #must-try #Vietnamese Spring Rolls before the party kicks off.


TQ, a Vietnamese studying in Finland, comes to Ireland as an Erasmus student is demonstrating on how to wrap #Spring Rolls to a bunch of dummies. #Cooking with TQ for Dummies


A #Real Heaven when the party is rocking! A #Once-In-A-Lifetime to stimulate the taste buds with so many food coming from different countries. It is indeed a perfect idea that everyone brings a dish of their own country to share. This one #Magical Night, we get to try out #Spanish tortilla, #Torrija (Spanish style French Toast), Bryndzové Halušky from Slovakia (potato dumplings with bryndza sheep cheese), Bigos (Polish hunter’s stew) and lots more! #Food Haven


This #Lucky girl is lucky enough to capture a photo before they launch their vicious attack!


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