Here’s Why We Love Celebrating Harvest Dinner So Much…

#Photostory of #Harvestdinner


The reason seems to be obvious.

Now, don’t get me wrong, of course we aren’t just scrambling all the delicious, absolutely savory food onto our plates, and contributing nothing. We do prepare our dish to share. #sharingiscaring

Here’s the manufacturing process of our #ScotchEggs:


Can you spot a ring?

Finally, we proudly represent our Golden Crispy Scotch Eggs that are second to none!


Now we could really talk about the magical #scrumptious meaty eggs endlessly, but it’d be better for us to move on to see how other counterparts of it walk the red carpet, wouldn’t it?



We are helping out to get others their food before having ours; a chance to practice living a life of love.

Processed with VSCO

Here’s my plate:


#The Rainbow of Love. The beans with sweet curry, the aromatic rice mixed with red beans, green bell peppers and sweet corns and the crusty chicken breast.  I especially love the fusilli with tiny cubes of mango, peach and creamy block cheese. The moment it stimulates my taste buds, my eyes literally turn as big as the moon, and there, I whiz to heaven!

We forget to capture any pictures of the after-meal desserts. Homemade freshly-baked apple crumble pie, chocolate brownies richly packed with chocolate chips and our self-made banana cake coated with Nutella! trees.png1

After warming our bellies, we happily head back home with two large bottles of orange juice, one bottle of milk and a tray of desserts! They know we’re college students, well they definitely do.


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