TV, Radio, & New Media Broadcasting (HONS)

Faith Chin Lin, 19 Years Old, Malaysian

I was in Ireland for a year after I graduated from high school. I have been a homeschooler ever since I was 9 and I graduated when I was 17. After I graduated I helped out in that homeschool for a year, then I flew to Tralee, Ireland to further my studies.

Since I arrived at Ireland, I was really excited about planning my trip to visit other European countries because I have not been to any Europe country before. When I was in Ireland, my favorite pastime would be trying to make new friends and hanging out with them. If I wanted some alone time, I would be in my room watching movies and try to be relaxed.

I feel great being a college student because this makes me feel like an adult, makes me feel like I am actually responsible for my own life now. I need to learn how to be more independent and take some responsibilities.

I know I have chosen the right course because this is the course that I like and really enjoy doing.


IT Tralee is awesome the way it is because you can get to know more people. Even though the institute isn’t that big, but that’s how you are able to know more about a person and get close to them.

I chose this course because I really like media. I have liked media since I was young.

In my course I learned about database and how to edit videos. I also learned some new skills in recording videos and gained more knowledge about what photography really is. I also got the chance to do some practical outside of college.

The moment I enjoyed the most was shooting a video for group assignment, we really had lots of fun. And that made our friendship to become closer because we got to know each other more.

As a foreigner, when I first got there I knew nobody. That’s also one of my challenge for I am an introvert. It would take me some time to make new friends in a new environment. And in my course, it is important to know people. When I first started this course, we were asked to shoot some video as an individual project. Since I did not know that many people it was difficult for me to find actors.

It is important to join some sports club and society so release the stress we face in our studies. So when I was in college, I joined the music society. It really helped in releasing stress.


So what I want to say is you have to enjoy and love what you are doing, if not you won’t make the most out of your college life. You have to get rid of all those dependent habits. You have to know that you are an adult now, so think like one. Even though studies is important but don’t forget about your social skills, go and make new friends, don’t be shy. Most of all, enjoy your college life, make the most out of it.


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