Bachelor Information Systems Management

Marine Desboudard, 20 years, France


I stayed in Toulon (French Riviera) in the South of the France.

I studied in University of Toulon.

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland…

My favourite pastimes/things I have done are attending the aerobics training every week with my friend.

Marine and Friends

I feel great being a college student because every day I get to meet a lot of people of different countries. All the people are very nice and always helpful when I need something so it is very good.

I know I have chosen the right course because my program consists of a broad spectrum of different modules which are super interesting. It provides me the choice to further my study in Master in a different sector after my Bachelor and I love that.

My institute is awesome the way it is because I have met a whole lot of people here. It is so enriching because each person has a different story to share. It is super rewarding to get to know them who come from different corners of the world.


Why did I choose Ireland in the first place?

At first, I registered to Scotland, then I applied to Ireland as well. I was accepted in both countries but I chose Ireland in the end because we both share the same currency. And now, I am glad I chose Ireland that time.

My course

I am studying Business but my program is strict: it is “Information System Management”. I have various courses: Marketing, Management, Information Systems, and Dynamic Websites etc. I like this program because I have plenty of choices!


The moment I enjoy most is

I can’t choose the best moment I think. Everything is different here. Since the beginning, I have travelled a lot and discovered many places and I can’t really decide which is the best! All in all, I like to spend time with my friends during the trips and the parties as well.

The roadblocks

My unique challenge is to accomplish my Bachelor. This is because my English level was very bad prior to coming here. It was impossible for me to speak or to write something in English. So my challenge is to gain my Bachelor here, in Ireland successfully.

I am active in

Since September I have joined different activities: I went to the Aerobics Training every Monday and Wednesday in the first semester and for the second semester, I am going to the Boxing and Kickboxing. I had been to the Rock Climbing too. It was my very first time and it was really good, I would like to join again.

My hope

At the end of this year (June), I hope that all my goals will be accomplished against all odds. And I hope that my level of English will be much improved. I wish to meet up with people that I have come to know in my country or when I visit their countries.

What I want to say is

For me, the most important is to be positive and optimistic. Even though you are homesick, remember to stay brave. This experience is just awesome so, be happy!!! Tralee is a small but a nice town; I like Tralee, when come to places to explore, you will definitely be spoilt with so many choices.



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