cliff of moher

Bachelor of Software Development (DUETI French Program)

Kisovec Jérémy, 21, France

irish to meet you


I stayed in Saint-Etienne France

I studied in Jean Monnet University at IUT GEII equivalent to HND Industrial Computing and Electrical Engineering.

Ever since I’d arrived in Ireland…

My favourite pastimes or things I had done were

Traveling around Ireland, going to sports and meeting people from different countries.

I feel great being a college student because of the positive vibe.

Why did I choose Ireland in the first place?

I always love Ireland. I came twice during my high school, so when I noticed that I could choose to spend one year in Ireland I jump at the opportunity!

banna beach tralee
Banna Beach, Tralee

My course

I learned huge amount of knowledge related to the field of IT whereas my course at my previous university was more towards electronic field. The course was great and interesting. However, I found java programming extra challenging.

The moment I enjoy most is

The Belfast trip I joined was amazing and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

The roadblocks

The java programming I mentioned. Besides that, the whole one week I spent in the hospital due to sickness.

I am active in

I went for badminton twice a week and squash. On top of that, volleyball during the first semester.


What I want to say is

Do not stay with people from the same country you are from. Enjoy the Irish pub where you can meet a lot of people!


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