BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Analysis with Forensics

Isaac Liang, 21, Malaysian


I have been in Selangor, Malaysia for 19 years, which is almost for my entire life. Previously, I studied in Hin Hua High School, Klang for 6 years. As a Chinese independent school student, it is relatively rare to choose Europe as the option for further study.

For a Pharmaceutical student in IT Tralee (not sure for other ITs), we have a busy schedule for classes and practical sessions. Therefore, time management is crucial. Spending all the time studying and writing reports is not the thing we all want. Sports and cooking are my activities other than studying and relax. Sport clubs are free to join here so there is no harm going for it, or even gym, which has a cheaper rate for membership for 6 months! Miss home and food in Malaysia? Try to cook for yourself and sometimes you might be surprised at your own talent!

Hanging out with friends for dinner can be fun too! You get to meet friends with different nationality and if lucky, try foods from different places. It feels good to go out with friends for a meal, or just have a dinner at someone’s place. Even you are by your own without your family in a foreign country, there are still friends beside you. Go out and meet them!


This is me and my friends, “accidentally” went on a front page of a magazine during the Culture Night in Tralee 2015.

The best thing of being a college student is, you get to manage your own time. You have more flexibility in arranging your activities and get the most out of it. Yes, for some other courses which has lesser classes, they will have more time for their own. However, I still think that I have chosen the right course for me, even if I have very busy schedule. In my personal opinion, IT Tralee definitely did a good job in arranging the course syllabus.

I meant to choose Forensic Science at first, but ended up choosing Pharmaceutical Analysis with Forensics. Why? I am always fascinated by Chemistry, and studying Pharmaceutical provides a good career path (if you worked hard enough). There are even Forensics content in the course, which is what I meant to do initially.

The course itself consist of both theory and practical. Yes, a significant part of practical as in laboratory work. From theory, I have learnt histories, technologies, and other aspects mostly in Chemistry field and a bit in Biology field. In practical, we would do the experiments, based on the knowledge obtained from the theory to prove it and easier to memorize. The practical skills obtained during practical session are crucial in the future, as working in industries will require certain degree of those skills. I have learnt different ways to analyse different substances, by utilising usual procedure or some high tech apparatus.

Attending friend's graduation day

Attending the graduation of my friends who studied Childhood Education at Bandon Hotel, Tralee.

It is always enjoyable to learn something new and fascinating, such as operating a high tech apparatus (provided you do not break it!). I am always amazed by how the theories evolved through times and how people proved them by some bizarre experiments. The sense of achievement when you finished an experiment successfully and the result turned out to be correct.

However, these require quite some practices and confidence. It is not unusual for me to complain the busyness of the course or frustrated due to a failure in an experiment. We need to write a lot of reports per week, do some researches on certain information on weekend, after a tiring week full of lectures and practical sessions from around 9am to 4pm. Although I have been studying this for 3 semesters, the time management and efficiency in doing work still require some improvement.

As a student, I do hope I will get the most out from the course and have a good career path of my interest ahead. If you are considering Pharmaceutical courses with more analysis content in it, Ireland (even IT Tralee) is a good place for you, as Ireland has a large involvement in the Pharmaceutical field internationally (8 out of 10 largest pharmaceutical company are based in Ireland, what says you?). If you are considering a cheaper alternatives in Europe, Ireland should be in the list of consideration too (except for Germany and France, which provides free courses in their own languages).



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