Chinese Calligraphy

Here’s How We Celebrate Chinese New Year

Final touch on the food preparation and decorations. Sometimes finding the always-late habit of people does a bit good, at least here.
Cutting Flower Papers
Helpful Simon cutting some flower papers with meticulous care.
Chinese New Year Feast
They are loving it! The chilies and the soy-vinegar sauce with grated ginger as the dipping sauce are a bit over for them but they definitely delight with the seafood steamboat and the dumplings!
Drawing people's hand
Challenge found in the Red Balloon: Let people draw on you!
Finding balloons
Literally laugh till we cry when Simon can’t find the balloons! He is so sure the balloons are there, but he has no idea that Malte is holding up high the string to not let him reach it!


Thanks to Ka My, after the hilarious game, we get to replenish our energy with her Chocolate cake topped with a scoop (or maybe more!) of sweet and milky Vanilla ice cream. It is absolutely a Full Indulgence into the Heavenly Match of thick and creamy Chocolate ft. Vanilla or better yet described as “A Party In My Mouth!” by Elton.

SaladBesides that, she also spoils us with a Crazy Bowl of Fruit Salad dived in a pool of aromatic Coconut Milk and Exotic Yogurt!


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