Erasmus students in Ireland

Mixed Erasmus

Katharina Kolb, Age 20, Germany


I stayed in Dresden, Germany

I studied in the University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW Dresden)

Ever since I’d arrived in Ireland…


IT Tralee Basketball Team

My favourite pastimes/things I had done were exploring Ireland, hiking with my friends, playing basketball with other students.

I felt great being a college student because my modules were interesting and varied. Besides that, all the students were really nice and easy to get along.

I know I had chosen the right course because every day, I was excited to attend those classes and learn more in each topic.


Erasmus students

Why did I choose Ireland in the first place?

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Studying at IT Tralee offers me the best opportunity to improve my English skills and the range of courses offered are amazing.

My course

The courses I registered were Cost Accounting, Preparing Financial Statements, International Economics, Marketing Communications, Tourism Principles and Practice, Introduction to Agribusiness. It provided me the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the tourism and agribusiness industry as well as to continue to study subjects in my major accounting.

The roadblocks

The biggest roadblock was definitively to arrange my timetable. Many of the courses clashed with each other unfortunately and other availabilities were quick to be fully booked. But in the end, I took 6 interesting courses and I was more than happy with it.

Another problem was my exam timetable. As I took mixed courses, I had three exams on one day. But that has to be taken into account when one decides to take courses from different departments.

I was active in Basketball, Yoga and Aerobics.

What I want to say is

IT Tralee is the perfect place to do your Erasmus. There is a nice atmosphere in the college, the students are welcoming and the lecturers are interesting. Ireland is an amazing country which offers so much especially those picturesque landscapes.


Beach in Ireland


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