BA (Hons) TV, Radio and New Media

Name: Low Kah Yan (Cory)

Age: 25

Country: Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur

IT Tralee TV new media course

Company’s Name:

Castleisland Community College

My Job Description:

Assist the college on their projects such as video editing, Photoshop and basics in computing.

Challenges / Excitement / Things I am learning:

The work placement has allowed me to improve my editing skills in video and Photoshop.   Besides that, it’s definitely a challenge for me to work in a new environment and a good opportunity to improve my communication and interpersonal skills. 

The benefits of work placement that provides me currently or in the future:

I am able to be a video editor or account director who contributes ideas to the advertising company. Otherwise, I could become a lecturer in Media Communication. As an international student, this experience is highly valuable and precious.

My suggestions about the preparations needed that would be of great help to find a work placement successfully.

Well prepared is a must! Besides knowing the background of the company, you must know yourself very well; why are you here, why do you want this job so much. Speak confidently and have good attitudes. Your first impression to the interviewer is very important.


I stayed in

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Chinchilla at my institute!!!


I studied in

Dasein Academy of Art, Diploma In Mass Communication for two and a half years (certified).

My course

Besides learning the skills in TV, Radio production, I love the subject of Cultural Studies. It’s tough but very interesting.

The moment I enjoy most is

The time spending with my classmates. I must say Irish are so lovely! They are friendly and helpful.

Thank God, I also get to know a group of Malaysians in the apartment. They really make me stay away from homesick.

The roadblocks

The weather is killing me! It’s cold and rainy often. And now, I learn to appreciate the big and scorching sun in Malaysia.

I am active in

Kick boxing and swimming.

My hope

I hope I can share my experiences to motivate people and tell them don’t give up easily on their dreams. Fight for what they want in life, nothing come easy but the efforts worth everything!

What I want to say is

Self-motivation, self-management and good attitudes are all you need to bring along!


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