Chui Yee Chong, 24 years old, Malaysian

chui yee


I stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I studied in Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur and received my Diploma in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur.

Left: International Day @ IT Tralee North Campus. Right: Chinese New Year

Studying in Ireland has given me the opportunity to meet people around the world and to experience their cultures.

The moment I enjoy the most is celebrating different festivals with my ‘family’ in Ireland. We’ve shared many good times together. The laughter and the memories we’ve created would never be irreplaceable.

Left: Celebrating Pancake Tuesday. Right:  St.Patrick’s Festival Parade in Tralee

If there’s one thing everyone can be sure about, it is that we Malaysians LOVE food. We are generally obsessed with food. Ever since I arrived in Ireland, cooking the food from home is how I cure my homesickness.  When I was in Malaysia, I’d never cooked a proper meal on my own and I was embarrassed to mention that my biggest culinary achievement was to cook instant noodles. It is truly a miracle to see how capable I am to prepare my daily meals now.

I feel great being a college student because I get to learn new stuffs based on my interest. The lecturers in IT Tralee are very friendly and helpful. They inspire me, which makes me eager to listen and to learn from them. Not only are the lecturers, the librarians are very approachable and gracious too. There are plenty of useful resources in the library whom the librarians are always ready to lend a hand in guiding you to access the databases.

Left: With Ms.Valerie after our group presentation. Right: Attended my best friends’ convocation, who took the same course as I do, in Brandon Hotel @ 2015.

My course: Early Childhood Care and Education

I’ve made up my mind for being a teacher since I was 17 years old. I really enjoy teaching the little ones. There are often misunderstandings about this course. To be more specific, there are misconceptions about being an early childhood educator. People usually think we’re just spending time playing and having fun with children. Certainly, it isn’t playing for fun. The time we play in class is to create learning experience for children. It is interesting to see how a child develops his/her problem solving skills, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more by just building a sandcastle. When pursuing this course, we learn about theories, philosophy and child development. It involves a lot of researches and paperwork in which helping us to develop skills in observing and recording children’s development; building partnership with parents and planning of activities or curriculum. Applying our theoretical knowledge in practice is pretty important too, and thus the practical sessions and work placement. Indeed, the practical and placement are the keys in making the course fascinating.

The moment I enjoy the most for now is working on my dissertation. It is a great opportunity to look into the topic I’m interested in, and to reflect my own practice as a teacher. Also, working on group assignments has pulled us together. While being in IT Tralee, me and my friends have worked on a business proposal, created a dance piece for the disabilities, prepared group presentations, acting and dancing. We also planned a fund raising event for the refugees when we were in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur.  These were all the wonderful experiences for my career as a teacher.

The roadblocks

It is quite challenging for me to work on my written assignments as well as presentations. I am grateful to have my friends and lecturers who are always there helping me to be positive and giving me strengths to overcome these challenges.

connemara national park

The view was breath-taking!

I love travelling a lot. I have been to Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Connemara, and the UK since I’m in Ireland. I would like to visit Cork for my next trip. As a student you don’t want to stress yourself studying all the time, travelling gives you a short escape from the heavy assignments and empowers you to take new challenges.

My hope…

As an early childhood educator, I hope to make a difference. I may not be perfect but I will try my best. When I look at the smiles on children’s face and witness how much they have learned and grown , I know I have made the right decision in my life ^^


With my best friends in London, UK

Things I want to say…

Ireland is amazingly beautiful. You should spend some time to explore around when you are allowed to do so. Don’t miss the chance!

Don’t stop believing. Never doubt yourself because you are so much more capable than you think. A positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes. You have the strength and the passion to achieve your goals. All you need to do now is to step out and TRY ^^



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