Moments of Student Life | #1

Chilling under the Sun

under the sun
Photo provided by Frederico Humberto

You know, Sun is kind of a rare species in Ireland, so when it appears, we better go under it! #chillin #underthesun

Halloween Night

Halloween Night
Photo provided by Faith Chin. See her profile here.

Brazilians, Germans, Malaysians and French, what a marvelous mix to play Mafia on a Halloween night! #spookynight

Saint Patrick’s Day

saint patrick's day
Photo provided by Daniel Danny. See his profile here.

Yo! Having a Wildlife class party celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at The Tuesday Club @ The Blasket. My power’s turned on.

Christian Union’s Pizza Night

christian union's pizza night
Photo provided by Faith Chin

Just a short and sweet pizza night. Knowing all of us are busy when the continuous assessments and assignments kick in, we just need some time for chilling. #dontbesohardonyourself


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