Trainee of Accountant

My Course: Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Loh Pei Yu (Tasha), 22, Malaysia


Company’s Name: Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland

My Job Description:

  •      Record accounts payable and accounts receivable.
  •      Record and check invoices of suppliers and updates receivables by totaling unpaid        invoices.
  •      Record employees weekly and overtime salaries.
  •      Post customer payments by recording company details, bank details and payment        transactions.
  •      Prepare, record and check invoices for new set up companies.
  •     General ledge, payroll and bookkeeping

Things I am learning:

I learn how to work with others. Group work helps me to learn how to work with people outside my circle of friends, including those who have different backgrounds and experiences. During my work experience, I always learn new things related to my course that help me to broaden my skills and knowledge.

What benefits does work placement able to provide me currently / in the future?

Skills that I learn can provide me familiarity so that I can be more efficient over time. Work placement also allows an employer to see me at work, and assess my value as a potential employee. It will add weight to my CV, giving me a competitive advantage when it comes to applying for a graduate position. Employers commented that graduates who have undertaken a period of work experience are always more mature, with good strength in team working, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as an awareness of workplace culture.


Do I have any suggestions to share about the preparations needed that would be of great help to find a work placement successfully?

Prior to interview, review your application, and think about the skills you can offer and some examples to back this up. Prepare some answers to commonly asked questions. Imagine yourself in the job; this will help you to be convincing about your ‘fit’ for the role. During an interview, it is important to be confident and positive.


I stayed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I studied in Nilai University, Malaysia



Why did I choose my course in the first place?

I was working as an education consultant in Malaysia.Thus, I had come to know the Institute of Technology Tralee in Ireland. I found IT Tralee provides free accommodation and availability in accounting course, therefore I decided to come to Tralee.

My course

Accounting is extremely important to any business because a good accounting system with the proper internal controls will help you to avoid areas of fraud in your business. I like accounting. I learned International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and International Accounting Standard (IAS) in one of my Regulatory Framework of accounting’s course. Other than that, I also learned Company Act in my Managerial Finance’s course. I appreciate very much that my lecturer and classmates were passionate to guide me through the course.

The moment I enjoy most is

I am staying motivated to attend classes, join some events, meet new people from different countries and make friends. I also enjoy traveling all around Europe; I gain experiences through the journey and most importantly is that I have changed the way I view and think about myself.

With classmates

The roadblocks

This is probably the most obvious challenge of studying abroad – overcoming a language barrier. I have been struggling to learn a new language pretty much from scratch, or it could just be that I thought I was fluent, but I was unable to understand the strong local accent when I just arrived here. Besides that, learning to be independent: to cook and prepare food for myself and overcoming homesickness.

I am active in

I go to gym and badminton. I have to do sport to make myself sweat and stay healthy in this cold weather.

My hope

I want to make my life colourful, gaining a variety of experiences. To stay positive and build wonderful memories in my life. Therefore, I am motivated and believe that overcoming everyday challenges will make me stronger and become a better me.

What I want to say is

Studying abroad has offered me so many life-changing academic, career, intercultural, personal, and social benefits. Students should carefully consider studying abroad when searching for a university. Students should ask about the study-abroad programs offered in their college and find out how competitive the application process is. Institute Technology of Tralee provides you the benefit of accommodation and you will gain many experiences here.

Guinness Book of Record World Attempt at creating the longest Christmas Cracker Chain for ITT’s Christmas on Campus Guinness Book of Record World Attempt at creating the longest Christmas Cracker Chain for ITT’s Christmas on Campus

Merry Christmas
Cracked the Guinness Book Of Record Attempt at creating the longest Christmas Cracker Chain for IT Tralee’s Christmas on Campus!

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