ittralee volleyball

Bachelor of Business Studies (HONS)

Valeryia Haliankova, 19, Belarus.

ittralee carrauntoohil kerry ireland


I stayed in Minsk, Belarus

I studied in Zanarochskaya high school

Ever since I’ve arrived in Ireland…

My favourite things that I have done are hillwalking, mountain climbing, volleyball, watching movies, traveling to new places and meeting new people.

I know I have chosen the right course

I don’t really know that J I think I did but I can’t be sure yet. I love doing something different all the time but at the same time I prefer be doing stuff that I definitely know how to do. So I’m trying to be good at everything.

My institute is awesome the way it is because…

There are many international students. I love to know about different countries from students. I think that International Day in the campus is a great idea and I didn’t see that anywhere else yet.


The roadblocks

At the beginning the course I chose in IT Tralee wasn’t Business. I picked Food Science because I thought that I would be working with the food in the future. I didn’t really know much about the course. But in the first week I found out that it wasn’t like what I had in my mind. Biology, chemistry and working in the labs weren’t my favourite stuff. My problem was solved with the help from college. People there are very nice. They helped me to pick the right course that would suit me. And I am delighted with that now.

I am active in college hillwalking club, volleyball, cycling and mountain climbing.

The places I have travelled so far & Places I highly recommend

Carrauntoohil! It is the highest mountain in Ireland and also the first mountain that I’ve ever climbed.

Dublin zoo and Tayto Park! You will enjoy Ireland’s first rollercoaster and Europe’s largest wooden rollercoaster.

Killarney Park. Perfect place where you can spend your whole day.

Galway. Lovely views and busy streets.

ittralee ireland

What I want to say is

Come to Ireland! Maybe you won’t be impressed with the weather (it’s always rainy, so don’t forget to bring waterproof clothes) but definitely will meet good people, will see beautiful nature and great places in towns. Just be active and enjoy your life! Don’t think about it too much, just do it!


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