Ireland Eurachem 2016 Lab Competition

Eurachem// EAMC 2016 at Athlone

It’s an honor to represent IT Tralee to take part in this year’s Eurachem. Joining a lab competition is completely new to me. I still vividly remember the moment our inorganic lecturer announced about this competition in the beginning of the year. Eurachem Analytical Measurement Competition (EAMC), a name so distant and unfamiliar to me. This is opened to all second year students.

She would put us under a two-hour pressure to run an EAMC trial every Friday, she said. I was trembling with fear, cold sweat was dripping. I am not good at lab skills and I know it. So when I heard about it, I just wished that she could immediately pick whoever she thought appropriate and leave me alone. However, things don’t always or never go the way we want. And from that day onward, I prayed earnestly, still on my bed in the morning, before every practical. I just hoped that no glassware was broken and wrong techniques didn’t get caught! Hah!

Week by week, I started to feel better about stepping into the lab. I would always feel jumpy in the first few moments when our lecturer handed us the trial papers. Nonetheless, when we were so into it; reading the procedure again and again, highlighting the important steps, rushing to get the relevant apparatus, washing and setting it up, the panic and  fear seemed to vanish quickly, and I didn’t feel it anymore. Besides that, our lecturer was always pointing out our mistakes and correct them. This really helped a lot.

Then one day, a Thursday, our lecturer told us that not only her, but also witnessed by other lecturers that all of us have improved greatly in our lab skills. I felt so relieved that moment. Maybe just a little improvement for me, but at least I didn’t stay stagnant at the initial point.

And all these took us to the wonderful experience of joining EAMC 2016!

Athlone city
Athlone City

More Information on Eurachem

EAMC 2016


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